Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to Manually detect the Viruses in our Computer

 Hi friends . Now you know how to code a virus and now i will teach u how to manually detect the viruses and you can maintain your computer even without the antivirus , yes friends its true but this requires good command on the computer and little bit common sense .

 First of all we will list the feautres of some viruses and then we will discuss the remedies for those features

First and foremost a virus will be disabling the process from execution , do you know which process will be disabled ?
1) Task manager
2) Registries
4)Group policy
A normal virus will be disabling the above process from execution , some viruses which are coded by highly talented programmers may also stop a drive from opening and it may disable the video drivers , audio drivers and also can download some other viruses and make them to execute on your machine , these viruses are very danger .

Now lets see some situations where some person is  effected by a virus ,For example person A's computer  is affected by a virus which disabled all the above process , now how can you stop virus from executing ???

If you have some knowledge on computers , you may say that i will first try all the options like i will check taskmgr , ok now if your press ctrl+alt+esc you will get a error message like Task manager is been disabled by Administrator , ok now you may say i will go to group policy editor and i will enable the task manager , ok when you type gpedit.msc in the run then it will not execute , so now what will you do ???

So download Sys Internals suite provided by Microsoft and you will find a file with name processexplorer.exe , now right click on that file and click on run as administrator , it is an advanced Task Manager .

Now if you execute the processexplorer in person A's computer


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