Friday, April 29, 2011

Google Docs for Android

What is it?

Google Docs, Free, AndroidThe app, long anticipated by Android fans, does what the browser version does for the most part. However! Google decided to keep all the creating, editing and collaborating tied to the mobile web app. So when you want to edit one of your documents, you'll have to use the online mobile editor (which is built within the native app). Which is good because the changes you make will be shown in real-time (crucial for your collaborators) but also bad because you'll need an Internet connection to edit new documents (and like we said, nothing beats a native app).
So Google Docs for Android actually turns out to be more like a document manager than a solid word processor. You can search through all your documents, share the docs with contacts and upload and convert files to the Google Docs format. Which isn't bad! But it's not exactly the Google Docs app we've been waiting for.
Awesomely though, you can use the Google Docs app as an OCR reader. Just fire up the app, click new document, select 'Document from Photo' and snap a picture of what you want to bring over to Google Docs. This feature turn photos with text into editable Google documents


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