Monday, April 18, 2011

The IDAPT I4 Universal Charging Station

IDAPT released  a wireless charger without the wireless. Powermat it is not, but the i4 comes with six tips, and three tips can be plugged into the mat. From there, a mobile device such as a phone, camera, portable gaming system, or Bluetooth headset can be plugged in and charged.
 i4 has a mat with a glossy look to it, and charging it involves turning a switch with an LED indicator light to show that the device is charging. There are no on and off switch being there on other models.
The IDAPT i4 comes with six tips that include the miniUSB, microUSB, Samsung 4, Sony Ericsson 2, iPod/iPhone, and Nokia 2. There are other tips available, which include ones that can charge AA and AAA batteries. By the way, there is a USB port on the side for charging any gadget with a USB charging accessory.

You should be able to get the IDAPT i4 on the IDAPT site for about $59.99 .


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