Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Facebook power users 'have gone to Google+ and Twitter'

Facebook’s biggest threat is that its ‘power users’ have gone to Twitter or Google+, one of its founding investors and former president has said.

Sean Parker, a co-founder of original music file-sharing service Napster and a prominent Facebook shareholder, as well as, one time president of the site, has gone on the record saying that the social network’s biggest problem is not privacy – it’s the fact that some of its heaviest users have defected to other services because of a lack of decent set of controls.

Speaking at the annual Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, Parker said: “The strategic threat to Facebook is that power users have gone to Twitter or to Google+.”

The technology entrepreneur, who is also now a Spotify investor, defined power users as those who contribute “tones of content to Facebook which is being consumed by everyone else” and called them “important networkers’ who prop the social network up. It his belief that some of these users have left Facebook for Twitter and Google+ because they have a lack of good controls over the information they see and who they share it with.



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